Mini Nifty Future

Urge Zerodha to reach out to regulators/Exchanges to introduce Mini Nifty F&O Contracts for small investors …
Current situation demands it…



you can invest / trade in ETF :stuck_out_tongue: like niftybees

Hi, required leveraged position

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What he was asking is right, i too feel we need Mini nifty , at present only liquid & margin below 1lkh is Bank nifty only. ETFs are best for Investors

lol nowadays nifty itself feels like mini nifty

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May be after Exchanges revise lot sizes :grinning:

I think SEBI intention is to keep retailers out as far as nifty is concerned.

75 is too big a quantity to trade even on a 5 min chart with reasonable size stops risking just 1% of any decent account.

Mini nifty will takeaway the liquidity of nifty and they don’t want that.

I think they should reduce the qty to 50. But not holding my breath.

Instead get a big account and learn to live with it.


well HDFC & ICICI and other full service brokers make sure that , MINI Nifty will not be introduced :stuck_out_tongue:

as the nifty price decrease , they may increase lot size not decrease.

I meant in the long term.

This fall is hopefully temporary.

Haaaaaa… I understsnd. Shortly current Nifty become as if mini Nifty…But 75 shares will become 100 per lot. (Unless market Shuts for unprecedented time :slight_smile:
I bought 3 Lacs of Rs. Stocks meanwhile where I need to hedge it. Put prices are @ rocket high…vix 70+ & may touch 100 too…

I had tweeted about this when contract of Mini Nifty was removed . The unpleasant fact is that small investors being marginalized under guies of protection!
Luxury of hedging is only for big players .