Minimum Investment in Forex

  1. How much minimum lot in India.
  2. How much we invest for minimum lot.
  3. Broker Charges.
  4. leverage compulsory or not.
  5. Which one is Best Platform for Indian.
  6. It is legal or not.
  7. How find genuine broker.
  8.  How we success in forex trading.

Hope you provide me best solution for better future.

Thanks in advance,

Firstly trading forex on anything outside Indian recognized exchanges is illegal. Check this link. 

1. 1000 USD is the lot size

2. Around Rs 2000 per lot. Check this. 

3. If you are trading at Zerodha, it is Rs 20 per executed order or 0.01% whichever is lower (irrespective of lot size). 

4. Since they are futures and options contract, they automatically come with leverage. 

5. You could try our platform,

6. Like I mentioned right at the start, only forex on Indian recognized exchanges are legal. 

7. You could try us ;)

8. Hmm.. I guess success is by learning, trading and improving. You could start off with learning technical analysis, you can refer here. Also make sure to get a hang of futures and options before you put the first trade. 

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