Minor Demat Account

I wanted to know if Zerodha provides minor demat account also. If yes, how it is to be opened? i have my trading account with zerodha. if i open minor account for my kids, will it be linked with my trading account? if can not be linked then how will i purchase any stock? also can i use coin for minor if , suppose, zerodha doesn’t open minor account. i don’t have PAN for minors yet.

I have the same question. Any update on this @nithin @faisr ?

@TusharChaudhari @ashitvora Yes, we do open the minor demat account. It’s only for the minor to receive the credit of shares as gifts. You cannot link any trading accounts to the minor’s demat account.

I plan to use it for MFs. It’s possible via guardian’s bank account. right?

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I don’t know about zerodha but u can open minor account from any broker but minor pan card is necessary and for bank minor joint account required of minor and guardian. U can not link trading account but u can apply for ipo had hold till minor become 18 year after 18 year u can open trading account in his and sell share. It will give more returns then mutual fund

I already have 3 SIPs from my broker for her and they didn’t ask for minor’s PAN card.
I submitted mine since I’m the guardian.

Is it possible to apply for 2 applications in ipo both in my name and my minor if I open his account?

Can we transfer the sharesfrom minor account via off mkt transaction by filling DIS/ by easiest cdsl platform?

If the Guardian transferred the shares to MINOR Demat, Then how can be transferred back to another Demat account? How to Exit the stock, Is there any offline process to exit the stock?

yah same question .

Also can minor accounts use for F&0 and any other trades are possible ?

For MINOR only the Demat account will be activated, For the F&O trading account is required hence cannot place the orders.