MIS - Equity Intraday Doubt

Let say my margin available is 10,000 and i am using MIS option to sell 3000 shares of idea and the margin required is 9,800 after sell order is executed. Now my margin used will be 9,800 and margin available will become 200 and to square off i need to place buy order i.e to place buy order do i require an additional margin of 9,800 for buy order to complete or it will be executed regardless of margin available

Placing exit order against existing position doesn’t require additional margins.

in short you dont need any extra money, you can exit out, do experiments with 100 rupee not 10K

@ShubhS9 @Zoro_S Thanks for your explanation i just tired some inputs calculations in Zerodha Brokerage Calculator refere the screenshot below

in this Net P&L is 530.49 is the Net P & L shown is the final value after tax deduction in both buy & sell

for Intraday

Yes, this is final value after accounting for all charges.

@ShubhS9 thanks for the quick clarification