Missing features of streak

Dear team,

Really impressed with your streak.
But I miss below features from streak badly. Hope you are working on the same.

  1. order execution need two modes. Auto and manual. If auto selected(I prefer) orders are continuously executed by algos, no approval needed from user. Manual means as of now seek user approval to execute the order. Without auto execution, streak is not upto the mark. Addition of auto execution, streak will be fantastic.

  2. Market price in indicator list. If I set to buy when market price crosses above previous candle high, it should be executed immediately when It happens. But now I can set only high crosses above previous candle high. The order is executing after completion of current candle. It’s disappointing me.



Hi Sir,
a. Automation of trades by retail users requires regulatory approvals. We are working on the same and once we have the approval we will update you .
b. Any indicator that you choose with a candle interval will wait for the complete candle to be formed and then send you a notification. We will try and give the option suggested by you in the future releases.


Thanks for your quick response.

But regarding market price in indicator list, if I set buy when market price crosses above previous candle high, then it’s will notified or executed immediately when it happens. Nothing to wait to complete the current candle. There is no use of current candle. Hope you understand

Dear Sir,

We understand, but that is true when you compare market price with previous candle, but we have think of how to go about this for all cases like market price higher than SMA.
We have planned to introduce this going ahead, we appreciate your patience.