Missing info of actual funds used

I have about 50 stocks in my portfolio and due to lack of time I usually place AMO orders for most of the stocks with 5% to 20% lower. I target to invest say 2 to 5 lakh per day on severe correction days.

Now the challenge is, Kite does not show me the info of actual total amount for the orders executed. It has available balance and margin used on the dashboard. The Margin used includes the total amount blocked which includes the amount allocated for orders that are not executed. I would say this is margin blocked than margin used.

Only way to find out how much I have bought is to calculate the total of quantity * price per unit from positions. We need to keep downloading the CSV and use excel to sum it up. How tedious is this !!

Can we please have this issue resolved so that I can buy more per day ? It is frustrating to find that I only bought say for Rs.5000 on a day I wanted to buy for 2 lakhs !! Best place for this in positions along with total Profit/loss row at the bottom.

@nithin Please can this be looked into urgently ?

I think that is the only way for now, I believe this may not be possible but can get this checked. Also I personally believe adding more columns will clutter the page.

One option is to display on kite web only.
Other option is to calculate per line but display only the total at the bottom.
How are we sure other or majority users do not want it?