Missing key features/much needed enhancements

I am writing here because this seems to be the forum to get answers from people involved in streak’s development.
I was an active Streak user for 6 months, ultimate package. Then I wrote a long email to streak tech explaining what are some of the core features, which I thought were missing - after receiving a pedestrian response, I decided to write to Nitin, expressing my displeasure as a power user (who has tested around 150 strategies on streak, wrote browser extensions and scripts to work around several things which streak was missing). I discontinued my ultimate subscription in Jan 2021, and I came back after 5 months to see if there have been any major developments. I still see that very simple things like the following are missing:

  1. Basket sizes are small. - A basket is 20 stocks. You can’t live scan more than 20 stocks you want. You have to do scan on wider net of nifty 50/100, in which there are 50% stocks which are not great for trading. Why can’t you have different baskets for backtesting and live scan? If you can live scan nifty 500, why can’t you increase the basket size to 100 or 200 and let user add a live scan on the same? The way it is, I have to create 10 live scans, if I am interested in about 200 of nifty 500 stocks. For instance, my scan names are like this today - “100to200b1short”, “500to1000b1short”,“100to200b1long”,“500to1000b1long”,“100to200b2short”… so on… same baskets, different scan conditions, and splitting them into many smaller baskets. It is a notification hell from browser.
  2. Link to charts. - When I get an browser alert in streak for my live scan, I have to go through the list of scans, then open up kite, punch in the name of the stock and wait for it to load. If I get 20 alerts, I have to do this for 20 stocks. Why can’t streak just link to the stock in kite charts? I could just open the stock in the background window from that link? This is just so basic, it saves me time and makes my trades faster. I might want to look at the chart once before taking trade - Why is such a simple thing so hard to incorporate into streak? Don’t you guys think that not everyone is just going to use Streak to place orders from their deployed strategies? Many would want to see the chart once atleast, place a limit order in kite or somewhere else. Algo trading is great if Streak can do full execution, which it can’t today, without taking approval from the user. So, you have to link out to some form of charts (to a third party charting site or kite or somewhere else) or embed charts if possible to save time for traders. That alert window is extremely important and you can’t expect traders to open multiple windows and punch in symbol names for their corresponding charts - It takes up too much time.
  3. Copying strategies/scans - Why can’t I make a copy of a strategy or scan? Why? It is so simple. The whole configuration for a scan/strategy involves so much typing to build it - all the brackets and what not, for a simple variation that I want to test/deploy, I have to do it all over again. I requested for this multiple times over email in the past. It is still not there. This is so simple and basic
  4. Scheduled Live Scans - Why do I have to manually come to a live scan and stop it or start it at a certain point in the day? The default is that once it goes live, it stays live as long as market is up. Why isn’t there a fine grained control on this? May be some live scans only are worth running in first 15mins of market open, some towards the end - beyond this schedule, all their alerts are just unnecessary browser alerts. Again, very basic, and it will actually reduce the load on streak backend, if people run fewer live scans.
  5. Conversion of strategies to scans - If I recollect it right there was some strategy to scan/scan to strategy feature, which seems to be gone. Why can’t two way conversion happen? Plenty of times I am backtesting strategies and I want them to be scans and vice versa. Again, very simple feature.
  6. Removing basket from backtesting - Once I am done backtesing a basket of stocks, I have to manually remove all the 20 stocks by clicking on the each stock to remove it?! Why isn’t there a a remove all option?
  7. Live scan Scanlog as popup - I am sorry but this just a terrible idea to present history of alerts in some sort of chart format grouped by time. You expect me to go to each time candle then hover over it to see what stocks, then go into another window, open that stock up, then come back and go to the next candle, keep track of which candle I was on? Really, all that for just a simple history of alerts?? This one ui aspect really frustrates me when I have to analyze all my alerts at the end of the day. I even end up losing important alerts when there are multiple notifications. Again, no link to any kite chart from here is another reason why this is just such a bad idea - it slows me down from taking trades, verifying charts quickly.

I can’t recollect the other issues/features I had reported in the past. But, as a returning user, I am disappointed.
Streak is a product that has to grow based on community of users, their requirements. Algo trading is a power user thing, meaning a very tiny % of trading population will come to use Streak. If you want to build a niche product, which only a small group of people will ever seen value in and pay a premium for it, then you better listen to those users and their needs. If newer versions after months have no significant upgrades/enhancements to the core product (yes, I noticed the options related additions), what is the use of paying for premium packages in streak?

Streak devs, please let me know if any of these features/enhancements could be prioritized and made part of your future releases. Any approx eta will also help me in coming back to Streak one day and giving it another shot. If none of them can be done, and there is no intention on working on this feedback, I will be happy to never come back to Streak again.

@Streak Can you.

Hi @JayV,

We have collected all the feedback we got after the last previous version (v3) release and keeping all of them in mind, the team has designed a new version that should meet all key expectations.
In the v4 version of the App, we have taken many key feedbacks and incorporated them in both app and web in a very intuitive and beautiful interface, eg: Increased custom basket size to 50(to match kite’s watchlist) which earlier was 20, added charts in the backtest transactions for easy visualization of trade signals, dynamic contracts selection, greeks, advanced create with math operations, position-sizing, multiple types of TP/SL options and much more.

Addressing your points individually:

Already the prebuilt baskets are having 500 scrips like nifty 500, so the basket size is not small, just the custom basket size is limited as the same basket can be used for backtesting.
We will increase the custom basket size to 100 in the new update where it can be used to scan with it, but backtesting initially will be limit to 50 scrips at a time as increasing it directly can increase the rendering load on user devices causing the browsers to hang.

The below features are being worked on as part of the new version to present them more interactive and beautiful interface, along with some additional extensions to these suggestions to provide a complete and fuller experience.

A new interface and user experience approach for this has already been designed and is in the works in the new version, which should incorporate the suggestions from the various users, including yours.

Can already be done in both app and website, by using remove all and delete all actions respectively.

The new version is already in later stages and the exact release date will be announced soon.
For futures updates please stay tuned for our mail and post.

Team Streak

@Streak, Thank you for your response.

You mentioned I can remove basket of stocks added for backtesting using remove all/delete all actions.

Where is it in this screen? What am I missing?

"added charts in the backtest transactions for easy visualization of trade signals, " - why only in backtests? why not in live scans? Backtests are anyway done in non-market hours. If you want to save time for the trader, the livescan page has to link out to charts or embed them.

You did not address my question related to “scheduled live scans”.

Also, if you could give me some wide approximation of when to expect the release of v4? 1-2 months / 3months/ 6 months? don’t need exact date. If you are doing any private beta testing, I will be happy to volunteer.

@Streak awaiting your reponse.

@Streak bumping this for your response.

When you are on backtest page, you can click on parameters and see the remove all button as shown in the screenshot

Here what we meant was for backtest the chart will be embedded inside the backtest results page with overlay of trade signals so you can easily visualize entry and exit(already there in app).
For scanner, from the scanner results, a chart redirection to kite chart will be provided.

This is something that is being considered but has not yet been finalized, and the reason behind it is not any difficulty of doing it, but the confusion that can arise later when sorting and examining various alerts. This needs to the UI to account and show some additional information on which we are internally yet to finalize and is in the pipeline but after the above-mentioned updates.

The dates are expected to be in 1-2months provided everything goes smoothly, and we will announce once any beta testing is available, so stay tuned to our posts.

Thank you for your response, @Streak
I am eagerly looking forward to seeing the next release.