Modifying the second leg of CO order

@siva @ShubhS9 last thursday, I sold Banknifty options at 21 rs and kept the stop loss at 25Rs.
After that the price became 8 rs and I wanted to change the stop loss order trigger price to 15Rs. I was unable to change it as it was saying 20% more than present price. because of this, my SL order triggered at 25 Rs. I lost around 3k profit.

Sometimes, I feel Zerodha is like a jail. Which does not allow me to do whataever I want to do. I understand that CO SL orders are capped to 20% of the sell price. But once I am in profit, I should be able to trail my SL as per my wish. Off course it does not make sense to change the SL trigger price to more than 25Rs, but it should be allowed to change it to whatever less than the entry SL price. Day by day I feel Zerodha is putting more and more restrictions, because of that some of the algo platforms are not working as expected.

BO orders are blocked, CO orders are 20% capped. On an expiry day, this make the option traders more difficult to trade.

You should never trade option with CO order type! It’s sureshot loss making order type! Options can easily move more than 20%, especially on the expiry day!