Most consistent Mutual Funds (year by year)

Let’s start a discussion about consistency of returns wrt MF. One way to look at it is the 1-3-5 year returns. A better way to look is year by year returns.

With the markets as they are currently, I have both FOMO and FOM (fear of markets). I suppose this made me look for safer options. Conservative/balanced hybrid supplemented with a controlled dose of more aggressive hybrid funds.

Here’s what I want

  1. No negative yearly returns in any of the past 7 years.
  2. Not more than 1 year with yearly returns less than 8%, in the past 7 years
  3. 3 yr and 5 yr CAGR above 12%

I noticed ONE fund with remarkable consistency when you look at yearly returns.

2014 - 26.33
2015 - 2.93
2016 - 13.05
2017 - 15.40
2018 - 8.62
2019 - 11.14
2020 - 14.79

It is ICICI Pru Asset Allocator Fund, a true balanced hybrid and tries to maintain balance with Equity allocation around 40% (currently 35%). Probably the most consistent. It is a FOF though and not that tax efficient.

Views invited.


As I know they are treated as debt funds so long term is 3years with 20% taxation with indexation benefit, so in the long run I don’t think it is bad.

@Vij How to get this Year by Year data so that i can share my yearly returns from the Mutual fund?

Its on valueresearchonline. Filter by your category (in this case balanced hybrid mutual fund). Then filter by Returns. And choose “Annual”. It will display list of all mutual funds within the category on a year by year basis.

Thanks for the info and If i have checked correctly then annualized returns of Paragh Parikh flexi cup fund is
2020- 32%
2019: 14.03%
2018: -0.37%
2017: 29.81%
2016: 3.52%

I am literally shocked to see these small percentage. I always believed that PPFAS is the best MF where i can expect 15-17 % on any given year but seeing -0.37%, 3.52% return, i am numb.

@Vij i just wanted to know your thought process why did you ask to see the returns in Annualized format and not in CAGR?

I’m suddenly feeling, way of seeing returns in the form of CAGR is deceptive. We should see YoY basis. Do you agree on this?

Hope to hear

Its a very good Fund!

No. There is NO Fund that can do that :slight_smile:

I normally see returns in CAGR. But nowadays see in year by year format too. I see CAGR and then Annual. Yearly returns become important if you forsee a disruption in your earnings.

Recently I was making investments for my father who is a senior citizen. So I chose Short Term and Floating Rate Funds with small allocations to medium term funds and balanced/conservative hybrid funds. For him, SWP and consistency is important, and so annual year by year data was a criteria.

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You can also check out the Principal Multi Cap Growth Fund, BNP Paribas Multi Cap Fund, and ICICI Prudential Multi Cap Fund which have consistently performed over the years.

Multi Cap funds have lost their significance after the new restructuring of categorisation of Mutual funds.
Their place has been taken by Flexi Cap funds now.

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Nifty and Motilal Oswal both have seen consistent growth and are worth investing in if you are into mutual funds.