Most profitable traders on the forum

can someone please let me know

who are the most profitable traders on this forum and
how much return they are earning on their corpus
What strategies they are using.

I am new to the forum. I am having a corpus of around 50 lakhs and have generated return of appx. 3 lakhs in last 2 months from option writing.

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What has been the experience in the past 2 years?

I have been able to generate about 11-12% per annum ( post tax ) so far by god grace. I am quite conservative by nature and capital safety is of paramount importance for me. not invested much in equity. major investment in gsec and debt funds and some niftybees and shares. Corpus is about Rs 2 crore now. If everything goes fine, intends to double it in coming 2-3 years by adding more money. If i am able to generate 14-15% return (post tax) on sustainable basis, i will be more than happy. :grin: :grin:


When did you start reducing equity, and why?

If whatever you saying is true, then no need to find a successful trader here.
And if you started with 50 lacs, i think this is the amount some of us want to grow our trading capital to.
You are already successful.
God bless. 🫰🏻

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That is a mystery a lot of people have tried to solve. Kingdoms came, kingdoms perished, but that question still remains unanswered.


Lol bro !! You applied whole Philosophy here :joy:

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Most profitable traders won’t be hanging out on such forums. There isn’t much trading discussed here.


If it’s your life time Savings, I think it’s madness irrespective of returns, whether your strategy is profitable or not , I don’t think anyone should invest 100% of everything in a venture and call it YOLO. Trading is just another bussiness like anything else. Even the most successful business man has only 20% or at max has 30% of money rotated into bussiness. Rest of money is invested elsewhere maybe another venture for diversification and better security.

So play with 20%. If you made 50 L or 1 cr just take the initial portion out. Returns should be seen in % not in absolute value.

I don’t think that’s the way to scale. I think 10 L is a start. You have enough units for a decent return. Pip rate is already high. So you reinvest profits , buy more lots with profits and trade that way. I think this is how they compound.


thanks for advice. I am quite diversified by the way. Only 15-16% is exposed to stock market. rest is locked in real estate, gold and business. I intend to increase exposure to stock market to about 30-35% gradually through reinvesting profits from market as well as profits from other ventures. life time savings are not invested here.

If one knows what they’re doing equity as an asset class has no comparison.

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Aha , great to hear! You are a trader already and I see you have beaten index return YOY. Anyone can be profitable but the key is beating index consistently. Since you have beaten index it just means you have beaten more mutual fund managers. If you want to compare, then index is the best bench mark!

Most profitable trader on this forum is Nithin himself. He made money from Trading and launched Zerodha with it which went on to become India’s No 1 brokerage


No, he became a businessman after starting Zerodha, so he does not count. After Zerodha has started, after this forum has started, who is the trader is the question.

Who bought a car after joining a company is the question, all employees who came in cars for joining are not eligible :grin:

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I am definitely not the most profitable, but with constant zeal, I’m almost there.

How could you be almost there with zeal, I have got zeal :grin:

What has zeal got to do with profits?

won’t count myself as most profitable as not much experience in live market but counting as a sorted trader(won’t give a damn about index movement,predictions.bull/bear/snake phase,social media,etc)
having 100% trust in my system and just keep doing same thing on daily basis.

trade as per sytem

Will you trade your system, daam kitna hai :grin:

Abhi aisi koi currency bani nahi jisme measure kar saku main system ki valuation

Sona kitna sona hai, sone jaisa tera system, so not even gold :coin: :grin: