Motherson sumi has suffered lately beacause of the pandemic, but the company is fundamentally strong

I have covered the long term analysis of Motherson Sumi Systems. It is one of the largest auto ancillaries companies catering to various automobile companies like Mercedes-Benz, Audi, BMW, etc.
This company has recently acquired a Bangalore based aerospace (CIM Tools) company and has marked its entry into the industry.

At present is planning to restructure the organisation to increase efficiency and to bring vertical integration to the organisation.

In recent years, the performance of the company got affected due to poor demand in the auto industry due to a going pandemic.

Watch the full video here: Motherson Sumi Fundamentals | Long Term Analysis | News | Stock Tips | Stock Market | #motherson - YouTube

Disclaimer: It is my personal opinion/ view about the company. I do not suggest buying or selling a particular stock. I am done with my in-depth analysis which I love to share with the budding investors so that they can learn. how to analyse a stock and make decisions.


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