MotiveWave & ArthaChitra Charting Platform - Review

If anyone in this forum is using / has used MotiveWave or ArthaChitra charting platforms, would be glad to hear from you about your experience with these platforms.

arthachitra it is almost just like nt8 in the early stage.
now they provide fyers real-time data via API for 100 symbols at no cost.

everyone should try this if they have a

fyers account.

@hiren_parekh thank you very much for those inputs. I tried ArthaChitra today after your inputs & it looks good. Will try trading with Fyers a/c tomorrow to see how it works out.
If you dont mind, can you share the colors which you have used for the Chart background, Up & Down candles? It looks very pleasing to the eye.

Since Fyers does not provide streaming data for ArthaChitra, how can we trade in MCX using the charts ?


they do now provide streaming realtime data, so no need to pay to true data or global data feed also


Thanks for the Candle background colour & also the info. that Fyers is now providing Streaming data.

When I click on Chart Trader it opens the DOM, what do I need to do get the Buy-Sell buttons as per your screenshot?

Also can you let me know the colour you have used for the Chart background as well if you dont mind?

right-click on the chart, move to last option “template”


Fantastic, you’ve been of great help. Thank you very much for your time. Will explore ArthaChitra, wish it had more documentation & videos on youtube though

this is their help files link

their support is very good and they reply to any queries very fast, I wrote around 200 emails to them {i am a little slow in learning} got a reply for each one.