Move from KOTAK securities to Zerodha

Hi all-

  1. Did anyone move from Kotak securities to Zerodha? Can this be done online (the transfer process) after opening an account with Zerodha? KSec has NSDL account while I believe Zerodha has CDSL. Will this be an issue for transfer? @siva

If anyone has done this please can you write the process?

  1. How do you find zerodha compared to Ksec? Mainly for
  1. CASH orders?
  2. Payout process - money to and from bank.
  3. Mobile app or website stability during peak or normal days?
  1. Is this move recommended for HNI accounts?

Appreciate inputs. Thank you.

You need to check with Kotak, whether they support the online transfer of shares. If not, you can follow the steps given here for the transfer.

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Thanks so much Kartik. Fantastic reply, couldn’t have asked for more. Just one more clarification please -

From your answer on b) you wrote both charge brokerage for sell order in cash delivery. I thought in Zerodha, for cash delivery both buy and sell do not attract brokerage charge? Only the regulatory charges are involved like STT, GST etc.

Is my understanding wrong? If yes, whats the brokerage for cash sell order?

I’m predominantly cash delivery positional trader only with around max ~ 8 transactions per month. Absolutely never dabbled in F & O and intraday. However, the absolute value of a buy or a sell order is high value transaction. So, peace of mind and stability are important.

Thank you again.

Cash Sell from demat is also free, so both buy and sell delivery are free at Zerodha.

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