Movement of MF from Paytm Money to Coin


I have 4 MFs set up on Paytm Money but I want to transfer them to Coin to get the collateral benefits which I cannot get currently through Paytm Money.

The MFs worth is around 14 lacs and I mostly do option selling. Can you please suggest me the best way to do it?


Arpit, there are multiple modes through which you can transfer the mutual fund units to Coin, depending on which mode you’re holding them in. You can check the process here:

Hi Shubh,

Thanks for your response.

However, I have checked and found that my MF are in SOA form and Paytm doesn’t supports MF in Demat form. Will I be able to move them?

You can. If your Mutual fund investments are not in Demat form then you will have to de-materialize it to move it to Coin. You can check the process here:

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Thanks again, Shubh

Do I have to send the forms to Bangalore and can I digitally fill the form and send the printouts to Zerodha?

You will have to courier these documents to our office.

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And one last query, nothing is required from Paytm in this process?

Thanks again