Movement of Nifty index

I am curious on why Nifty index is moving upside while reliance is moving down from the past two days, being a heavyweight it leads the direction of the index.

Because the other stocks are moving up :slight_smile:

Just one more day,then it might fall. again during 13,14,17 nov markets might rise during later half sessions.24 25 nov it might rise again.thats all folks for November.
*ALL for educational purposes only

Educational knowledge in your comment is very high.


Is there any ban option in qna ?

You can flag the off-topic or any spam content, we will take appropriate action.


26 27 28 Oct - Failed
6 Nov - Failed
Waiting for 13,16,17 nifty down 2.5 pc - Failed
25 Nov Gap up open-50 pts gap up - Done
2 Dec nifty down 200 points
18 Dec nifty down 200 points
23 Dec gap up open
08 Jan gap up open
11 Feb gap up open

10 Dec 20 crude oil up by 2.5~pc
18 Dec 20 Crude oil down by 5~pc
03 Feb 21 crude oil down by 2~pc
10 Feb 21 crude oil up by 2~pc
12 Feb 21 crude oil down by 3~pc
18 Feb 21 crude oil up by 2~pc
26 Feb 21 crude oil down by 3~pc

Other scrips,commodities under progress.
*All are for observation & educational purposes

How can u say this with such confidence !
Any analysis or study on that?

You should be thankful that someone is sharing their overview

I would be thankful if the overview is given with context or with some details or hint.

If anyone is saying market trend with exact dates then I want to know the reasons behind it, Otherwise i would consider it tip. And I don’t want to trade on tips.

I would like to take informed/planned trades rather than blind trades(trades based on tips).

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Details or hint are like the secret sauce, one can offer the end product.
you dont want tip, then ignore this tip just like the spam tips you ignore on your phone.

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Thanks for this details.

I am new in this field, I was curious to know on what basis , we can expect a rally.

Nice predictions dude. 16th Holiday and 17 th little upmov3

No it was wrong now look at 2 dec 200 pointer down.

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Pls. Stop that nonsense. If you can’t predict today then how you can predict 1month late. If that’s not you then stop posting.

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Seriously only less people predicting market ? Everyone predicting market, this is about who takes responsibility. I can say Tomo market go down or neutral. Let’s see. Note that… you are being like some indoor tips seller. No one cares about any prediction. Next time if you are predicting show your position you have taken against your view. If you don’t trade your views then why should others need to note and follow.

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50 pts gap up done

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There are various reasons for Nifty to move upside, but certainly one is FII activity during the month of November.

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