Movie The Big Short

Anybody, watched this. It kinda portrays the exact same situation I have been couple of times. Like you know it is going to short for sure, so you open a short position. But then you see that although you should be moving in positive direction because underlying is tanking, you are not. For some reason you keep paying more premium although you shouldn’t/needn’t. In this case, people who closed their position out of panic become bigger fools when finally the underlying tanks further and your short position start giving positive results.

I learned a lot many things from this movie. If you are really sure, open a position with large balance (remaining balance after taking position) so that your position remains open and there is no problem of liquidity from your side.

Hold it, even if everything looks against it.

Be humble and graceful because if you made money, you made it at the cost of others. So, There is nothing to be happy about it.

The movie is really good, it teaches you about the guts of trading and foolish people, the regulators, the government etc.

The regulators and government didn’t do anything because they didn’t care. There was always taxpayers money to bailout the economy. That is what they thought and did.

I know it is a movie, just fiction. But fiction based on real ground truth, so it does have a few things to teach.

These movies help me to learn because it really allows you to be in the situation and feel it. What it could be like and how to avoid dangers and problems of being a hardcore trader.

I watched “Wolf of Wall Street” too and I kinda liked it too. From, there I entirely stopped taking any kinds of calls from any research companies and such at all. I guess I am going to watch more of these kinds of movies.


Nope, true stories

I too said that. Based on real ground truth… True story, real people, but a little bit fictionalized for the flow and for understanding of people watching it.

Oh I liked that movie very much. Watched it many times since last year. Excellent performance esp Bale, Gosling

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Wall Street money never sleeps is a nice movie too. The one with Shia la beaouf


Also watch Money monster featuring George Clooney


Margin Call is also worth watching.


I shall put them in my “Bucket List to Watch Movies” :slight_smile: thank you :slight_smile:

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Yes that Kevin Spacey and Paul Bettany movie is good…