Moving Average based alerts !!


I was wondering, wheather it is possible to set and alert in sentinel when the L.T.P of an stock touches any specific moving average.

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Technical indicator values are not available on Sentinel but you can check out Streak. Check out the tutorials here to learn more about the available attributes.


There are such alerts available in MT4. Use paid feed and as many indicator based alerts as you can.


What is stupidity… Zerodha has built a separate platform for alerts…r u guys serious…pls merge all this in one platform…Kite…
N top of that whatever that sentinal etc.needs to be app based also…


I think web based alert software need a lot resources. 100’s of studies and indicators and then thousands of combinations.


Can Streak do scanning of as many stocks as I Want or there is limited number of stocks?


Check the pricing page.


It’s fair if it sent triggers to registered mobile number & email, if it at extra cost.


No extra cost. You will get a mobile notification and an email.


@Bhuvanesh I think Streak is for algo trading not for sending alerts. Sentinel is for alert but there is no indicator based alert service.


Streak will give alerts on it’s app and on to their web and with couple of clicks one can trade also, can try streak mobile app once, I believe it should solve your purpose.


But in Streak mobile app there is only to create algo for backtest and deploy for trading. I want an alert only and then I will take trade manually if I think proper. If it is possible then please advice me likewise with steps. @siva


Once you deploy it, you will get alert and based on that you can still think and trade as these are not traded automatically as this is not allowed for retailers in India yet. You can create basket of upto 20 stocks and run this condition on them, you can deploy 5 baskets with 20 scrips in each basket at a time.


How many attributes limit to evaluate in math_avg function.
Please make some useful videos to understand better and utilities