Moving target price in BO and CO with Trailing SL


In a bracket order, we have to specify a target price along with SL and Trailing SL (optional).
Now consider the below scenario scenario :

I buy a share at Rs.10 with SL 2 and Target 5 and trailing SL value 1
So my SL will trigger at Rs.8 and the position will get squared off at Rs.15.

Now if the stock moves in my favour and reaches Rs.13 so my SL will now be Rs.11.
In this particular case, will my target price still remain at Rs.15 ?

My basic aim is to have as much profit as possible (which is what everyone wants). In this case when a stock is doing good and it is expected to cross the target price, it’ll be advantageous to have something like a moving TP as well (similar like a trailing SL).

One way to achieve this is with CO if they have the facility to apply trailing SL but as far as I know CO as of yet do not support trailing SL.

Can someone please explain.

Yes, Your Target Price still Remains at Rs.15/-

Thanks. Is there something like a CO order with the ability of trailing stop loss without the need of giving a target price ?

Use BO with target at much higher price, it should help you.

Only god can answer if it is going to cross target price or not before it happen as we humans unfortunately can’t see in to future and there is no way to predict stock return Ex- Ante with 100% probability, we can only
do Ex-post analysis and do appropriate changes to our trading style/strategy/system if required.


Yes I’m absolutely aware that no one can 100% predict the movement.
But consider hitting your TP and then you find out that the price was still going up.
Better than that you can keep a reasonable SL and a 1:1 Trailing SL without keeping any TP.
This way you aren’t capping your gains.

We can’t say something will be going up until it has gone up. Giving target at very far to LTP should sort your problem.