MT4 is free or it costs?

MT4 is free or I need to buy license to install MT4 software in my laptop?

MT4 is free of cost. You don’t need a license to install it.

Thanks Kishy for confirming.

How to get Indian stocks on mt4…?
I remember I had once downloaded some 1 odd yr back but cudnt see indian stocks… eyeglasses:

There are data vendors who provide data for indian stocks to MT4. If you do a google search you will find them.

But, this is only for charting purposes, i don’t think you will be able to fire orders from MT4 to kite or PI. I personally have used for a few months last year. I think they have a demo service where you can use the data for free for 1 day to see if it suits you. Their service is ok.

Thnx for valuable info…
Even I need only for dummy or backtest only as I only use zerodha for orders… :slight_smile: