Muharat was hijacked! Post Muhurat Analysis!

We saw the market go down for two consecutive trading sessions. In my last post I had indicated that the FIIs were all getting bearish. The market had closed with an evening star prior to that, a correction was coming. On Wednesday, October 18th, the downslide was expected, however the market somehow recovered, and ended on a note more positive than anticipated. The bears pulled it down the extent of -40 points, however the bulls came in and market closed flat. Later on Muhurat, market fell, and exhibited what can be called a Bearish Maribazou.

Question remains whether this was organic, or was it some big player trying to set things up for himself during the muhurat, which as we all know ended pretty badly.

One can expect the Nifty to correct further, I am expecting sub 10,000 levels next week. To coumpound the reasoning, India Vix has risen, 7.46%, and that is always an indication that the markets are volatile, and when things go volatile, traders go bearish.

Going into FII data, on October 18.


And October 19


The FIIs have adopted a bearish stance*. Even the Heikin Ashi charts have turned red.

@Lakshmikanth_Jadhav I did take your view into consideration about the interpretation of increase in calls being a bearish signal, considering stronger hands are writing them, but then it is a matter of perspective. Who are these stronger hands writing calls to satiate the FIIs. Are they stronger than FIIs themselves? That remains up for debate. At the end its a gamble. I subscribe to @haribabu’s view regarding FIIs. But then I may be wrong.

Predicted Opening Next Week: Markets going down.

Disclaimer: I am by no means an expert. Please do your own analysis. I am just presenting mine for the debate.

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Yesterday FII not participated in FNO much. DII is nil.

if you see options chain data of Nifty it shows how much Prop. and HNI clients are doing in FNO.

Move of HDFCBANK on 18th is to protect these HNIs and to avoid collapsing the Bank Nifty due expiry.

despite fall of HDFCBANK and ICICIBANK at NSE in US both ended positive. If we assume only FII were trading in US then moves done in NSE is by these option writers. They only set the direction to the market.

As told by many of my friends why to dig into conspiracies and just follow the market let it go in any direction.
Trading in individual stocks is a bit difficult these days. need to follow them closely. Else go for scalping.

So from Today let us stop Conspiracy and do Market Analysis based on Option Data. Most stocks mimic Nifty so we need to see that.

in My view on Monday market will be up only. Even Hangseng went up today. But my positions are on short side.

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@haribabu when will you realise your trades are totally wrong.

Stop worring and buy puts at top and buy calls at bottoms

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But what is the top! And where is the bottom! :fearful::fearful:

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@emptytv I cant get what you are saying

Definitely no.definetly no.

After clicking on your profile i realised few things,and why yiu suddenly jump in with such comments

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My view based on charts which i follow is that markets would rebound & nifty to maintain above 10k levels as we still are in a bull phase.