Muhurat Trading : Have you purchased Or traded on this auspicious day


Lots of traders & investors do a token trade on “Muhurat Trading” by just buying 1 Or 2 Blue Chip stocks on this auspicious Lakshmi Poojan day (Samvat 2075).

You can add which stock you purchased Or any trade done during Muhurat Trading.
Wishing Happy Dipawali to all the investors & traders.

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I have bought Titan Company when it was in down trend recently i.e, when it was below 800 levels then markets were in down trend and many company are share value has fallen and I picked Titan. Price is what meant to me while investing and Festival is what I celebrate.

Happy Investing & Happy Dipawali


All sample i did. One intraday trade and one profit booking and Gold Etf cash buy


Diwali 2018 picks as recommended by Sharekhan.


Didnt they give their previous Samvat performance?


Trade: HDFC -> 30 shares (Buy Price: 1810, Sell Price: 1817.5)
Purchased: HDFC -> 2 shares


Yes they did give the performance of their Diwali 2017 picks.

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I’d have bought any good scrip in small quantity , if I’ve had any holdings. But I’ve already sold nearly everything near about the time of the small caps debacle, so leaving holdings empty and no holdings.

Happy Diwali to you too.


We really need to stop this 1 hr special trading !

Was about to get killed as i had punched in some AMO MARKET orders in night ! Forgot about this special trading . Was thinking it is on 8th.

Luckily it was a popular shares else would have been killed due to lack of liquidity and someone would have punched in orders at abnormal price

Bal bal bache !