Multi day order on zerodha

Hi, I am not sure but is this feature available:

  1. I place buy/sell order at certain price.
  2. If it gets trigger the same day then all good, if it doesn’t a new order is placed on all upcoming days until it gets executed.

I know this is not supported by NSE but its achievable by Zerodha. Can save lot of time for occasional traders like me who stick to a price and wait forever.


There are multiple threads on this you can search gtc i.e. good till cancel order.

All we are hearing is coming soon no fixed timelines latest nitin replied few weeks.

But it’s in coming soon stage from years and threads go back to 2013-14

This stands top on our priority list, we are figuring out a way to provide this, the way currently is provided by other brokers has some limitations and is not scalable.

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Something like international forex trading can be introduced. They are highly leveraged products and have commissions and spreads.

We understand it takes time and effort. I support you guys. Take your time and bring the best product. Let’s shake the entire brokerage industry once again. And I hope everyone cooperates with the team.

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International forex trading is not legal in India to provide. Who ever provide it have their base out of India and still few people use it, but that is illegal.