Multi time frame Back testing

Dear @Streak ,

Need support for this back testing results… !

How to use and check/confirm back testing results on chart while using Prev N (-1,Close,10min)

Both - CLOSE and CLOSE(-1,10min) gives same results for 5m time frame.
Please find the attached images.Uploading: Chart 5 and 10 Min.jpg…

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D. D. Joshi


For verification of backtest result refer:

Also, you need to use ChartIQ charts while matching Streak backtest results. In case your results do not match, you can write to [email protected]

Thank you for your reply,
I have already read that and other advance help of streak.

But sad to say your answer/blog is not relevant to question.
There is no where written “Prev N (-1,Close,10min)” or “multi time frame” or anything like that.

Anyway thank you again for your time.
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The approach of verifying trades are similar to what has been mentioned in the blog. To elaborate, if you compare signals with close, it would refer to the candle that closed. If you are using Prev N(-1), you are referring to the candle that closed previous to the current candle.

Also, the issue is that you are using Tradingview charts,

If your results do not match ChartIQ charts, you should write to [email protected] They might ask for some additional information on your strategy and then will give you a solution relevant to your queries.