Multibagger or Multibeggar?

I need guidance for the following stock SANKHYAIN (BSE)
Though the company has given good return in past, it has amazing clients as well, it seems to be promising, it’s working fine, QoQ and YoY are also positive, still, it’s taking a dip, and I’m unable to understand why

I’m an investor, I can hold it if there is any chance of profit
Any expert advise?


Seems it’s near its support levels, and as you’ve said company is giving good performance (be sure to be sure about that) and you’re an investor, then it’s ok and advisable to hold.
Can you tell what levels you entered it?


First of all, result is not good

Even on Moneycontrol, I saw people writing upper circuit good results. People miss such easy points.

First line is the real important one which is negative. They have Other Income and Tax Rebate which inflates the profit.

What is the criterion of support level
is it EMA?

Correct, result positive but not better, that’s why

I said that

where did you find it
I still don’t find it

Is it advisable to stay ?

It fell back and changed its direction from 98 levels earlier too

Lot of investors dont like to book losses.

Recently one of my stocks had bad quarterly results, I immediately booked half quantity as loss. Now I hold only half. And remaining I may or may not add.

Frankly speaking, if you dont want to book full as loss, you should atleast exit half quantity. Then see how the stock moves and decide.

Since stock has gone from single digit to 100 price, it may fall also in good manner.

Also Promoter holding only 20% kind of worries me.

But I never heard of this stock before, so just take this as my opinion, and not as an expert tip or something.

This is exactly what i’m thinking right now

And these are the snips of results downloaded from official website

(Is there any possibility of uploading tampered report on moneycontrol?)

Not sure about that, whatever they posted on BSE should be correct

I just checked it, Data given on bse and company’s website is same, can’t relate to moneycontrol’s data

UP by 10%, hitting upper circuit :crossed_fingers: :crossed_fingers: :crossed_fingers: :star_struck:


Again its back to 100, i would say monitor closely as midcaps and smallcaps are marching towards their graves