Multibaggers ace investors

Can we buy the stocks bought by ace investors like Rakesh jhunjhunwala Vijay kedia porinju veliyath, once the news after these people bought some X company shares sets in, there seems to be lot of buzz on those X stocks and will it be rewarding to follow on the stocks,

Hello Trader,

For quick benefits, the above strategy works if you get in the buzz wagon on time and be a part of the immediate up move.

The above mentioned people are long term investors, can you wait that long ?

With time and patience any investment turns out to be profitable.

Hello Trader,

The above mentioned people and investors and not traders. They buy a stock with a long term view at least minimum 1 to 3 years. If you have that patience like them you can follow them. But i will advice you to follow you own idea. If you don’t have a idea or strategy now better don’t enter trading or investing. Try to create a strategy and then enter the arena. If u win you will be happy if u fail you will learn from the mistakes.

Happy Trading.

Not all stocks these ace investors pick end up in the green. So don’t see a stock in isolation. You have to see the whole diversified basket of stocks along with weightages.

They may also churn their portfolio now and then. Like cut holdings in a particular stock or add to their holdings when they deem fit. You need to watch these at your end and act up on it.

As ace investors buy and sell in large quantities they may push the prices up and down. You may enter or exit at an inferior price.

Patience is the name of the game. Stocks can lie low for a very long time. Ace investor stock need not drive north instantly. Conviction to hold over a long period of time is a function of your temperament and your trust on these Ace Investors.

Around 300 yrs of modern capitalism has yielded one major crisis every decade or so on an average. Markets can crash and burn any time along with ace investor stock.

Just my thoughts. Leave the inferences to you.

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