Multiple lots of nifty or banknifty in easier way


Hi, Zerodha allows a maximum limit of 66 lots (4950 quantities) for Nifty options and 125 lots (2500 quantities) for bank nifty options. Incase, if we want to take 50000 quantities or lets say 1000 lots in single go/multiple go, what is the fastest way to enter into such trade. pls clarify if anyone knows how to enter multiple lots easily in the system

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This limit is set by the exchange per order. Currently there is no real way, but we are introducing basket orders on Kite soon. You could create a basket of multiple orders then.

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Revised to 7500 now.

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Wow that’s great news @nithin. This is a very important feature required, as basket orders are must in some cases, hopefully we will see it in next release. Still any time line?


ok thanks for the clarification. what is the fastest way to enter multiple trade? everytime, buy/sell 7500 manually takes time. so if, I want to enter 75000 quantities in 10 trades, is there a way to enter in single shot. not sure about basket order. pls explain


Hmm… I already answered this right?


:slight_smile: coming soon. Don’t want to give any timelines, we get burnt by putting any sort of dates out.