Mutual fund Investment Details

  1. Is there any easy method to check how much of the mutual fund investment can be redeemed without exit load or with long term capital gains ?
  2. Can we create portfolio to separate out my equity and debt investments so that I can track them separately?
  3. Also it would be very helpful to see CAGR along with absolute return.

For this you need to go through the Offer document / SID / KIM of the fund in which you have invested. Generally it is 1 year, but Offer document / SID / KIM is the correct source.

For this you can visit the MF website. I have provided the below link of SBI MF website.


Some one from Zerodha can confirm this for you. :slight_smile:

As an MF investor, CAGR return shall not display the correct picture of your MF SIP investment. If your MF SIP investment is for more than 1 year then you should use XIRR to find your return on investment.

PS: It is important to note that CAGR is an imaginary term. It serves purely as an indicator that tells you what a number has grown over a period of time assuming that it grew at a steady rate. In reality the actual growth rates are likely to be different for each year.

XIRR is a method to calculate returns on investments where there are several transactions happening at different points in time. Take the case of your own portfolio. You might have run an SIP and made an initial lumpsum investment.

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W.r.t MF taxation:

Equity funds(equity > 65%) Short-term capital gain (STCG) tax is 15% and Long-term capital gain (LTCG) tax is 0. Short-term capital loss can offset with STCG and LTCG. Dividends are tax-free.

Non-equity funds(equity < 65%) STCG tax as per tax bracket. LTCG tax is 20% after indexation. Short-term capital loss can be offset with STCG and LTCG. Long-term capital loss can be offset with LTCG. Dividends are given out after deducting dividend distribution tax at 28.84%. Choose a growth scheme to avoid dividend tax.

You will be able to monitor the days on which you purchased your MF units on your Coin portfolio itself:

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People have answered your queries above. is one good place where you can track all your MF’s, see them graphically and numerically Equity Vs Debt, AMC wise and XIRR (term recommended by@darshank). You would also be in a position to see exactly which SIP’s or investments are more than an year old like in case of Equity Fund investments.

In Short, PERFIOS is an online money manager which provides a complete view of your financial status anytime, anywhere. Be it Bank Accounts, Credit Cards, Mutual Fund Investments, Shares, Insurance Policies, Loans, Fixed Deposits etc. anything that revolves around your money, can be tracked at Perfios.

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