Mutual fund Nav related query

As Mf units are alloted at the declared NAV last night .So suppose if market crashes today by 10 percent in the early hours of market opening then I can sell all my units at the NAV declared last night by the AMC and then buy back the same amount of unit next day at a much lower NAV. Is my understanding correct?


You can sell only for the nav as of end of today

You can, but be aware of exit loads and other charges. Also you will have to put orders before cut-off time.

In MF unlike equity, you have to go with the end of today nav only

If you place order after cut off, the nav of the next day is taken

Until cut-off time, you can Buy at previous NAV, all orders placed after cut-off time are processed next day.

Ok so if I place an order before cutoff time today then the units will be allotted at the price which will be declared today at 0900 pm

I don’t agree with you @ShubhS9

Yesterday nav was 12.5
Today Ajay decides to sell his units in the morning

The redemption will be processed for today’s value

The value will be known only after market hours

In short, even if Ajay sent in a request in the early morning, it doesn’t matter- it’s considered as today
Nav value cannot be backdated


@Bhuvan can you clarify.


  • Where the application is received up to 3.00 pm – closing NAV of the day on which the application is received; and
  • Where the application is received after 3.00 pm – closing NAV of the next business day.

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