Mutual fund NAV

I wanted to invest in one of the ELSS funds before the expected rally on 5th March Tuesday. So, I tried logging into coin on 4th midnight. But, coin login was down !!
Now, after the Tuesday’s rally the NAV may have gone up 5% up !!

The zerodha platform not being available 24x7 is still not resolved and it is so frustrating!
We have been hearing for years this availability issue ‘will be resolved soon’ :frowning:

I have few questions. If I were able to invest on Monday night, would I have got the NAV as on Monday? Or, do the fund house decide what is convenient to them? For ex: even though I have applied for investing, fund house will use Monday’s NAV if the NAV had fallen on Tuesday and if the NAV had gone up on Tuesday, use Tuesday’s NAV !

More insight into this timing aspect would be very helpful.

Thank you,

If u place order before 1:30 pm (termed as cut off time) , u will get at NAV of same date, post that time u will get at NAV of next date… For precise read, kindly refer this…

Thank you.

I got this message when I placed the order:

Pending orders will be sent to the exchange for processing at 1:30pm on a trading day. If there is a holiday, the order will be moved to the next trading day. Balance will be checked before order is sent for processing at 1:30pm on the trade day.

At what time the fund NAV is updated for the day? Is it after the market hours and only once in the day ? If the NAV is updated only at the end of day and once then If the order is processed around 1:30 pm, then wouldn’t the NAV be of the previous day’s?

I also thought the same as Neostar, but it seems that there is no way of buying at previous day’s NAV. Can anyone please clarify.

NAVs are updated around 12 AM every day, AMCs start announcing it from 10 PM.

Nope, Equity mutual fund orders placed before the cut-off time are processed on the current day’s NAV which will be disclosed post 10 PM.

PS: Kite login works 24/7. I was going through your activity and man do you complain! :slight_smile:

Hi @RahulKhanna,

Thank you for providing this information. But in Zerodha Coin, I am seeing the previous day’s value even after 10PM or 12AM, it only get’s updated when market opens on the next day.

For example :
I have placed an order of “MO Nifty next 50 index fund” on 6th Mar 2020 at 1:47:53 PM and at the time of writing this the NAV ( Rs.9.4902 ) is showing of 5th March 2020 and Today is Friday. AS per the cut-off time rule my order will be processed on Monday 9th March 2020 after 1:30 PM, right?

So can you please guide that which day’s NAV will be allotted to me as per the cut-off time rule?

  1. NAV of 6th March which will reflect on Monday 9th March? OR
  2. NAV of 9th march after closing of the trading day?

Also please guide that - if AMCs announces the updated NAV after 10PM then why Zerodha Coin or any other online services like moneycontrol, ETMoney etc. are not reflecting or showing up that value until next day’s trading session when market opens?

Please provide your help to understand the complete flow with a small and simple example, if possible.

Jignesh Raval

Hi , I have a generic question of NAV on Indian mutual funds scheme which invests in US Equity.
Suppose NAV of such a fund is showing updated on 07/05/2021 on todays date 10/05/2021 . My question: is the NAV reflecting the US stock prices of 06/05/2021 or 07/05/21 ? Because when US market closed in 07/05 , it is actually 08/05 in Indian time.