Mutual Fund Platform

What is MFU platform?
Its a mutual fund companies initiative to facilitate investors to buy mf fund units online in a hassle free manner.
Major mf schemes are available in

Is it safe to open an account and invest?

The person who want to invest in market but he is not know about market movements ,then he can invest in mutual fund.MF is managed by professional having good knowledge.

Well my doubt is about the above-mentioned platform
not about the mutual funds

If ur a zerodha trader, coin platform is best. It has 50 RS charge after 25000. Also Zerodha has assured SWP STP is coming soon. Coin has only shows absolute returns. Xirr is very essential in coin.and thats why I am reluctant to add more in coin.
If you r not having zerodha account, u can proceed with mfu. It has all futures. User interface is average. Instead of mfu I am using a app Wealthtrust which makes orders through mfu.
Mfu is only a platform to buy and sell mf. All units are maintained by the respective mf AMC under folios. So no worry. The nice part is u can buy sell from multiple AMC in single login.
Decide urself.