Mutual fund redemption in coin

Can anybody from Coin/Zerodha explain to me how redemption works? Like when I place a redemption request a provide the CDSL TPIN, does my MF directly goes to the Mutual fund house, or does it goes to some Coins pool account, and they process it further?

The reason for asking this is, recently I found out that my non-Zerodha broker has no direct way to sell/redeem my Mutual fund and they are saying to sell my MFs, either I have to provide them with POA or transfer mf to their trusted BOID via CDLS easiest.
Is it really safe to transfer the MFs via easiest?

I am also thinking of shifting my entire mf folio to coin/Zerodha demat, so if I move my holding to Zerodha linked demat via easiest, will my mutual fund show up on the coin platform and will I be able to sell the holding just with simple tpin?
Also its an self-transfer will it attract any charges from CDSL side?

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Hi @harsh-sharma

The pooling of units had gone away back in July 2022. When a redemption order is placed and are authorized on CDSL to be debited, the units are debited from a users demat account from the Exchange (BSE StAR MF). These units are then credited to the AMCs pool account from the exchange where they match the price and release the funds to the bank account mentioned while punching the redemption order.

Yes, the process is completely safe and you can check out more details in the article mentioned below.


The charges to transfer are 0.03% of the transfer value or ₹25 per ISIN, whichever is higher, + 18% GST. Clients must maintain the required balance for the charges to be debited.

Correction -
As it was a self-transfer ( Same PAN account ) the CDSL charge was ~0.0075% (rough calculation)+18% GST of the underlying amount.