Mutual fund regular vs Direct


Why is the NAV of regular plan is less than the direct plan ? I understand that it is purchased via the distributor but the difference in NAV is significant when you see NAV

Simply put that is because regular plan has higher expense ratio then direct plan and part of that goes to distributor. Due to difference in this expense ratio, over a period of time Direct plan’s NAV increases more compared to Regular.
If scheme is running for couple of years, this NAV difference becomes significant. That’s why it makes sense for going Direct.

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Can i convert my regular fund to direct mutual fund.

You’ll have to exit your investment in Regular Plan, and start afresh by investing in Direct Mutual Fund on Coin.

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Yes you can convert, however process would vary from fund to fund. I use Paytm Money for my MF holding. And they have a one click feature of “Switch to Direct MF”. I am sure lot of other app has similar feature. You can use one of them for ease of process.
Alternately as Shubh mentioned, you can sell and start afresh. It might have some tax implications though.

If you are not really using services of distributor / financial advisor for your investment decision making, it makes sense to switch to direct and invest only in direct.