Mutual fund Utilities provide Demat holding facilities

Mutual fund Utility eCAN provide Demat holding facilities.

Do u mean to ask whether MFU allows credit of MF units to demat?

Yes, it allows.

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There’s any extra benefits Mutual Fund through MFU Demat Holding vs Zerodha Coin.

As you get older, it will be difficult for you to track and manage investments lying around in too many places.

Zerodha is on the way to developing all financial services under one login ID for easy maintainance. This is the main benefit for you to start doing all your MF investments on the Zerodha COIN Platform.

Also, to mention all COIN related queries and solutions are already asked by someone else at TradingQNA , Z-Connect etc etc and solutions are available on a quick google search. With other platforms if you get stuck it is difficult to find the answers.

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