Mutual Funds brokerage

Congrats On Mutual fund Trading /investment!..

If one goes for long term mutual fund investment will that be brokerage free like u have for long term investments?

Are brokerage different for One time mutual fund investment or SIP ? please clarify

All Mutual fund investments are brokerage free. Brokerage will be in the form of asset management cost. For example if you invest Rs.100, Rs.2 will be deducted as asset management fee. This fee will be collected over a period of 1 year. If you pull of your funds before 1 year an exit load will be levied.

hi venu! thanks for the answer.
when we purchase directly from fund house or website without any agent (3rd party website or broker) it is considered direct investment and NAV different …is it true?
if we go thru broker or agents … …nav is different and management expenses are different, is it true?
so the 2 rupees u said is on addition to expenses charges which fund house clearly mentions on sites of particular scheme?..i mean is it including manangement exp or excluding management exp?

Dear harshab,
when you buy mutual funds directly from the website, it comes under the ‘Direct Plan’. whereas when you buy it from a agent, then it will have an extra component to pay up for the agent as commission. This is the ‘Regular plan’ of the mutual fund you see in the listings. the expense ratio of each of regular and direct are different obviously to include the cost of the agent. except for this all else remains same foe a direct and regular plan.
As far as I understand, zerodha is going to charge you only after the value of your total investment in mutual funds is above 25000.