Mutual funds investment for 25yr old boy

I am 25 yrs old and new (probably 2 TO 3 yrs) to this jungle (MARKET). and I have started 25k sip/ month in Zerodha coin and I have invested since oct.2k19 and trade in market as well to make 25k for my sip.
now my view is for 20 to 25 yrs and that’s for my retirement “THE MONEY” my MFS re divided like this

mfs list:-
HDFC MID CAP OPP ;-5000/mnth
AXIS BLUECHIP:- 3000/mnth
ABSL front LINE EQ:-5000/mnth
KOTAK BLUE CHIP:-5000/mnth
AXIS SMALLCAP:- 5000/mnth

as we can see I have been betting more on bluechips.

that’s the right portfolio for me…

Good Start indeed !
Have you catered to min 3-6 months monthly expenses as emergency fund in an account which is easily accessible before committing to SIPs ?
Have you analyzed your risk profile before making these choices ?

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Of course sir!!
I have reserved 3 lk for whole year. And as matter of fact i have big risk appetite but the thing is I dont want to erode my capital after all this all exercise is doin for my retirement :face_with_monocle:

Good portfolio.

As you grow older , try to move the profits from small caps to large caps.

When time comes for retirement , major chunk should be in debt funds or interest earnings.

you still have long way.

Also make sure your other risks are covered esp. health care.

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Without the risk of assumption, I would suggest to go for financial planning exercise with a fee-only financial planner which will rationalize the risk appetite and investment asset classes. Do you have to support your parents ? Does your family possess income protection in your absence?
Moving towards Debt component should be kept in mind every 1-2 years.

At 25 If i were you I would also explore ways/means on how do i increase my income by getting more knowledgeable in what i do? How do i become more employable or if self-employed increase sales/revenue ?

An investment in knowledge pays the best interest - Benjamin Franklin

All the best.

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It’s good that you are investing but here are some unsolicited opinions :slight_smile:

You have 3 large-cap funds. Post SEBI scheme recategorization, large-cap funds can only invest in top 100 stocks. Most of them will almost always give you similar returns.

Here are the top 5 positions of each of the fund:

Aditya Birla Sun Life Frontline Equity Fund
HDFC Bank Ltd. Banks 10%
ICICI Bank Ltd. Banks 9%
Infosys Ltd. Computers - software 6%
Reliance Industries Ltd. Refineries/marketing 5%
Larsen & Toubro Ltd. Engineering, designing, construction 4%
Axis Bluechip Fund
HDFC Bank Ltd. Banks 8.88%
Kotak Mahindra Bank Ltd. Banks 8.36%
ICICI Bank Ltd. Banks 8.05%
Bajaj Finance Ltd. Nbfc 7.92%
Reliance Industries Ltd. Refineries/marketing 4.97%
Kotak Bluechip Fund
Reliance Industries Ltd. Refineries/marketing 9.16%
HDFC Bank Ltd. Banks 9.15%
ICICI Bank Ltd. Banks 8.51%
Infosys Ltd. Computers - software 5.56%
Axis Bank Ltd. Banks 4.81%

Look at the overlap? You’re just paying 1.5% extra in each fund for the same exposure.


Thanks rahul; that is really really help full🙂
Ok now if i close 2 extra bluechips and make the amnt half in b.c and another i can top up my mid cap and small cap thats fine ri8?

I’m not going to give you advice :slight_smile: I’m telling you having the same large-cap exposure is just costly and you end up owning the index. Talk your advisor and streamline your portfolio.