Mutual Funds Monthly Dividend histoy in Coin By Zerodha

Where can I find dividend payment history for Monthly Dividend Mutual Funds ?

Each dividend scheme has a minimum threshold amount that can be paid out as dividend amount. This is declared in the SID of a scheme.

Let us assume you have invested in ICICI Prudential Savings Fund. We have the following case here:

Case 1: Dividend value is less than the threshold amount- As on 25th May 2020 you have an investment of Rs.5000 at a NAV of 101.25, you hold 49.382 units in your demat account. On 29th May (NAV- 102.7608) the scheme announces a dividend of 1.6726 per unit. The dividend amount you are eligible for is Rs.82.596/-. In this case, the amount will not be credited to your bank account. If you check the below screenshot from the SID of this fund (p.g 91/133) it says “the minimum amount for dividend payout shall be Rs.100 (net of dividend distribution tax and other statutory levy, if any), else dividend would be mandatorily reinvested.
So the amount of Rs.82.596 will be reinvested into the scheme this means you will be eligible to get a credit of 0.803 units in your Demat account and this entry will be visible under the view breakdown option for holdings on console back office. This is how currently dividend reinvested units looks like on console.

Case 2: Dividend value greater than threshold amount- On 12th June 2020 (NAV- 101.2883) you invest 50k in this scheme and you receive an allotment of 493.640 units. Your total holdings now in this scheme is 543.825 units (49.382+0.803+493.640). On 30th June 2020 the scheme announces a dividend of Rs.0.9396 per unit. The total dividend amount you will now be eligible is Rs.510.97/-. This amount will be directly credited to your Primary bank account that is linked with your Zerodha Demat account.
As this amount is directly credited/ settled to your bank account the details will not be available on coin, however, you can check the AMCs website where they show the historical dividend data for the scheme.

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Okay, You misunderstood my question.

I want to see all Mutual Funds Dividend history. I am not talking about mutual funds which I have invested.

I want to see history of dividend paid by all mutual funds.

I have to check this on other website. I think coin does not have this feature that how much dividend mutual funds have paid in past in discover tab.


First thing, mutual funds don’t pay dividends - this is avery misleading term. They just sell you units and pay you back your money and the NAV falls. We want to discourage investors from investing in dividend plans of mutual funds because they make no sense.

If people are looking for income or decumulation there are other options or a SWP. Having said, they users haven’t ever asked us for this history :slight_smile: