My day trading record of yesterday natgas

what a day

my first trade i was up 4k i did’nt get out, at 3k i got a candle signal of the trend reversal but i hoped it would go more up so ignored all the signals and didn’t get out now im at 2.5k i finally clicked the button but unfortunately it was a limit order and it did’nt get filled and just within few seconds my stop loss got hit and i was out with 1k loss

my second trade i had a plan it worked out and i was in profit of 3.5k covering the loss and was very happy and than i was in 2.5 k in profit and before i know anything i hit that exit and got out a very big mistake that lost me thousands of rs

after that any plan i had went out the window and i was trading on impulse and the market had moved 10 to 15 k and i was very unhappy and depressed and i made a final trade with a stoploss and literally forgot about it and than i lost 2k than got out

now its evening time i’m a bit relaxed had my tea listen to some songs and i saw a very very nice setup so i go in made finally made some real money 6k and i was the happiest I’ve ever been finally I’ll be having a good night sleep sigh… if only

anyway remember the stop loss i literally forgot about just got hit and i lost all my 6k i was away from my laptop when it happened and came only after the 6k was gone so what do you think a good the end ?


by now i was sure this is the worst day of my life even when i had 800rs in profit and could have made 30k but than i just saw it move down and thought fuck it and there i had made 2.5k in within seconds and got out (2ND biggest mistake of the day) just as soon as i got out the exchange stopped trading for few minutes and i knew it would go down when the exchange will start trading again and ny this time i was just plain tired and frustrated and amazed seriously and thought im going to sleep (3rd biggest mistake of day )

you ask why? just have a look

your biggest mistake here is trading natgas.

of all the commodities, natgas is the only one that does not have a mini contract and you picked the one commodity that requires a big capital.

Natgas has the highest risk/tick and you being a beginner picked the one commodity with highest risk/tick.

you could have learnt all these lessons with mini contracts losing very little money.

Stick with mini metals and mini crude contracts. Leave natgas for now.

you need a big account to trade natgas , not really meant for retail.


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yeah its a bad feeling when you forget about SL and it gets triggered and goes in losses… and too many times I make the same mistake of booking profit too early only to see I could have made much more money if i was patient in taking profits…

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@trader_dude i didn’t see natgas like that i see it like its the only contract that provides the highest return per tick on top of that the volatility is crazy the whiplash was killing me(but that was my own fault plus whenever i had a clear plan i made money ) cause i was risking very small amount

the setup i got the second time was too good its my own fault that i couldn’t make money its like the market was giving money away and i was so overwhelmed that i couldn’t keep up plus the pending stoploss plus my fear also f*#ked me
how ironic my fear of losing money made me lose money plus i finisded the day after commissions 900rs
but im new to trading so i should stick to mini contracts its just natgas is so damn attractive its also my fav commoditization
i also only trade with 1 lot

thats the problem right there.

newbies look at only returns, professionals first look at risk.