My friends like to start trading and investment

My friends like to start trading but as they are completely noobs, I can gave them some tips and information regarding stock and trading and investment but only way to learn is by practice I tried moneybhai but it but confusing for them can you all suggest me any good virtual trading platform so they can practice before entering to stock market

Invest 1000 rs INR , do 1 quantity for few months , better than paper trading.


Same suggestion I gave but you know people are greedy they invest more… :sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

Then they may loose their fortune soon.Follow this strategy if you want to be successful

week 1 — Do 1 quantity (atleast 5 trades per day)
week 2 — Do 2 quantity if week 1 is profit overall including brokerage , Else Do 1 quantity
Week 3 - Do 4 quantity if week 1 & 2 is successful

Everytime you fail , you repeat previous week , if you keep failing two times ,you need to go back another week.

You can practice with 10 , 20 quantity …even 100 , 200 , and then 1 lot , 2 lot in futures …

Note : Its not about profit you make while this training , Its about number of loss you make and learn from it.