My Intraday Trading Challenge

@Vishwa_Kalra hey bro good going all the best to you for your further trades

But you should keep in mind that during those 110 days making 700 per day will be slightly difficult bcoz u have to use different setups when market goes down ,when market goes up , when market shows no movement(i mean range bound)

I think you should form 1 automated trading strategy using excel which will help you in all the 3 market conditions

If you have already considered the above mentioned points than you are going on a right track

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Hello @zutshi,

I completely agree. And That is part of the plan too.

Right now, I am using x3 leverage per stock, which is normal.
With this leverage, my highest profit during testing period was Rs.1900 and lowest is Rs.250.

The way I am planning to increase the leverage is, for every 10 consecutive profitable days, I increase x1 leverage. And for every 5 losing days, I decrease x1 leverage. This way, my overall profit stays in-line with the leverage I am using.

I used various simulation models to test this approach, and the number match up.

I hope I was able to explain my approach in an understandable way.

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Hello @vaibhavi_Shah,

Actually, instead of using a discretionary trading model, where there can be different setups in different market conditions, I am using a systematic approach.

My strategy remains the same in all market conditions. In fact, in my strategy, I introduced an advanced filter which acts as ‘On and Off button’ during the favourable and unfavourable trading environment.

So, when the market starts getting too slow or too fast (both conditions are not suitable for my strategy), my strategy’s advance filter comes into action and turns off the strategy. So those days, no trades are formed.

For example, on 5 July, the budget day, no trades were formed. Even today, no trades were formed. Both days, the market was too fast for my strategy. So, filters automatically came into action to make sure that I do not enter into any position.

I hope I was able to explain my approach.

No Trades in last 2 Days.

@Vishwa_Kalra good one but i think that you should not depend only on 1 strategy instead of that you even test different strategies

Till the current strategy works for you it is good but you should also think that there will be a time where the current strategy if doesnt work u will have other strategies on your hand depending on market conditions

Bcoz in stock market it is very imp to be ahead of time

If the current strategy works for you and help u earning profit work more on it to make it more profitable but simultaneously try something different…


I agree.

The average life of Short Term Trading Strategies is 3 Months to 3 Years, depending on how common or unique concepts we are using in the strategy. The more unique concepts, the greater will be the life-span of strategies.

Since, my strategy is based on unique concept, the life spam should be at-least 3 months.

Also, I keep as many as 5 backtested and live-tested strategies all the time while trading. I call it Bench Strength (just a fancy name). While using my current strategies, I keep on backtesting and forward testing my benched strategies.

So, yes, you are absolutely right. And I have already kept that as part of my overall plan.

@Vishwa_Kalra ok so u can tell me that when you are testing a strategy either backtesting or livetesting what points do you consider

What points do you consider while forming a strategy

And what points do you consider when u conclude that a particular strategy is ready for trading in the market


There are many things that I look for during backtesting and livetesting. The major ones are Winning Streak, Losing Streak, Drawdown, Maximum Drawdown, Average Profit, Average Loss. Largest Profit, Largest Loss, Median Return, Market Return, Alpha Generated.

These parameters mentioned above help me determine the minimum capital required to execute my strategy, expected loss, expected profit, what Risk to Reward should I target, How far should my target be, How far should my stop loss be, Is my strategy outperforming Buy and Hold strategy, Is my strategy outperforming Risk Free Return and many more aspects.

@Vishwa_Kalra can you explain the above mentioned points with example bro

Today’s trade

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I am not able to understand. What example should I provide to explain the above points?

You want me to share my testing notes?

Good Good. @dp1980

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@Vishwa_Kalra would it be possible for you

If u share it would be a great help as i m also forming a strategy and will get some good insights from yours