My Intraday Trading Challenge


I have just finished developing my Intraday Trading Strategy and completed Backtesting and Live Testing of it.

To track progress, I decided to share my Trading Performance day wise, every day.

Trading Strategy experts, please suggest any improvements, so that I can further improve wherever possible.

I am starting with a capital of Rs.15000. My goal is to reach Rs.1,00,000 in 1 Year.



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All the best @Vishwa_Kalra.

I hope You will achieve your Goal.

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Thank you so much @Sunitha

Lets see how it goes.

Hi Vishwa,
100 k from 15 k is a bit aggressive with stocks. I started with 10k and currently i am on 21 k and it took me 3 months and i trade aggresively on Nifty weekly options. I generally have 1 red day with in 5 trading sessions. Happy to discuss trading strategies :slight_smile:

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Your are doing scalping intraday and wat was ur strategy to enter into this trade is it indicators crossovers or price action.And 15k to 1lakh it’s difficult I’m not saying it’s impossible but it’s tough.

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Strategy toh batayi nahi!

Hello Zutshi,

I know I am going a bit aggressive. But I am doing it based on the Back Testing and Live Testing results that I got.

I’m trying to follow a more mathematical approach. Let me try to explain it to you -

Working Days In A Month = 20
Working Days In An Year = Around 220 [ 240 - (~20 trading holidays) ]

My Initial Capital = Rs.15000
My Target Capital = Rs.1,00,000
Capital To Be Gained = Rs.1,00,000 - Rs,15,000 = Rs.85,000.

So, I have to earn Rs.85000 in 220 Days.

It means, I have to earn Rs. 387 / Per Day ( 85000/220)

Now, There will be days, where I’ll not be profitable. And There will be days where no trade will be formed.

Based on Above 2 Factors, I am assuming that I’ll have to earn 85000 in half number of days.

So, I have to earn, 774 Rupees in 110 Days.

For remaining days, I just have to control my losses. I have to stay net At Par.

774 Rupees per day is achievable as per my Risk Management plan and other parameters. I hope I was able to explain my Math in Understandable Way.


Hello @Double_hammer,

Yes, I am doing Intraday Scalping (sort of), where the average trade horizon is around 30 Minutes.

I am using multiple advanced concepts that I learnt in my CMT (Chartered Market Technician) curriculum. To explain it in very easy language, I look for Over-Extended Large Cap Stocks in multiple time frames. I short the stocks which are Over-Extended to the upside in multiple time frames. And Buy the stocks which are Over-Extended to the downside in multiple time frames.

And Yes, I understand It is going to be very very tough. But, I am trying to be as systematic as possible. Rest, let’s see how it goes.

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Hello @maddy_Des,

I just explained my approach and strategy in response to Double_hammer 's comment and zutshi 's comment. Please have a look.

That is your logic or philosophy and not a strategy.
Strategy, I mean, with predefined entry-exits.

All the best brother.Stay profitable.Mention your strategy in your next trade and time frame also only p&l does not define anything.

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Do with Confidence.

Practically you may face lot of problems. Market will teach a lot.

Face the Setbacks and improve yourself.

Sooner or Later you can achieve your goal.

Don’t loose confidence.



Thank you so much. Yes, market is tough. But I’ll give my best.

@Double_hammer I use RSI Indicator for that matter.

I look for Large Cap stocks where RSI is OB or OS in multiple time frames. I start from Daily, then 1 Hour, then 30 Minutes, then 15 Minutes, then 10 Minutes, then 5 Minutes and then 2 Minutes.

The more time frames it is OB or OS in, the larger quantity I take into my trade. It’s as simple as this. Nothing complicated.

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Hi vishwas
Nice math, after your plan I feel it can achievable

But how you will list out the stocks which are extended up and down

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Hello @Anandgowda,

I am glad I was able to explain it in an understandable way.

I use Tradingview Stock Filter for the same to filter such stocks. I am planning to switch to Zerodha Streak’s newly launched SCANNER very shortly. I am currently testing it. You can try it too at

The best part is, @Streak is also active in tradingqna forum. You can ask them queries about this too.

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The math looks great ! But to make 700 + per day will still be difficult with stocks with a capital of 15k .You will have to use a lot of leverage . Your accuracy has to be more than 70% and you will have to quickly book profits and be even quicker in taking losses when the trade goes against you. On my good days i make 1500 + Most of the days i remain between 400 to 600 and on loosing days i loose between 100 to 250.

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