My new investment portfolio

After long gap i decided to invest in corona times. These are my investments. How long should i hold for a 20% return?

Hdfc at 1805
Hdfc bank at 880
Tcs at 2000
Bajaj finserv at 5000
Bajaj finance at 2600
Maruthi suzuki at 4690
Piramal enterprise at 830
Yes bank at 24.65

Till it gives 20% return.
Asking how much time it will take is very amateurish because no one knows the time it will take to reach 20% if anyone then they may also know the vaccine to cure corona. Also I would suggest you to learn more about markets by starting to read varsity.


@siva approximate timeline stock wise as per a trader’s guess sir. We cannot time the market but still guess answers based on one’s experience.

Then it will just like a poll, one can say 1 week and other can say 1 year and other can say 10 years, nothing is right or wrong.

During normal times maybe some expert can give it a try but not now, I mean under current conditions, no one faced this before so it’s like everyone is inexperienced. If at all anyone says some number that is just a wild guess and if it turns to be right then it is pure coincident. Varsity will offer many insights to markets with many examples hence recommended that, because the question itself is not a reasonable one.


@siva ok thanks Siva…tcs, hfdc i entered at higher price comparitively…lets see

No more averaging though

Varsity will help one to create a trading plan, will teach about position sizing, averaging,stop losses, to conclude it will make one a more disciplined trader/investor.