My order get cancelled after market closes. Reason?

Hi there, I traded for the first time on thursday. Just to check out how things work, like the stoploss, SL-M, limit orders etc. I took 1-2 shares of cipla, just to try things out. Below is how my trades that day looked like.

27-06-2018 10:35:39 NSE CIPLA B 2 ₹600.65
27-06-2018 10:55:18 NSE CIPLA S 2 ₹600.85
27-06-2018 11:51:12 NSE CIPLA B 2 ₹600.50
27-06-2018 11:51:39 NSE CIPLA S 1 ₹600.30
27-06-2018 11:52:36 NSE CIPLA B 1 ₹600.35
27-06-2018 14:12:50 NSE CIPLA S 1 ₹595.90 <-- My stoploss hit here.

Now I still had 1 Cipla share and I wanted to sell it. So, I placed a Limit order for R.s 609 and turned off PC. Now, CIPLA did not go till 609 on that day and it never got squareoff. But when I checked my orders, it showed that my order got cancelled . I don’t know how that happened. I never cancelled order on my own.

Order which does not execute cancels at EOD

U need to put order everyday, it cannot be carried across days

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MIS order square off automatically at the end of the day i.e at 3.20 P.M…as u r saying CIPLA Did not go to 609 on that day…so its obvious it got cancelled or automatically square at the price CIPLA had in 3.20 PM.


Hi there. Thanks for the reply. It wasn’t a MIS order but a CNC maybe that’s why it got cancelled.

Hey, thank you so much. It cleared my doubts. Also can you tell me how to accept your answer as correct answer ?