My orders are get automatically canceled by the evening

I have buy shares at 9:45 am by today.
share name : = Biofil chemicals
current share price: = 163
quatity : = 77 + 2 (2 orders)
price I have buy := 150

whole day price remains same. as there is no fluctuation in price. but my orders are get automatically cancelled. what was the reason. plaese suggest me how can i successfully execute the order

All open pending orders are automatically cancelled at the end of the day.

The stock Biofil Chemicals, is hitting Upper Circuit which essentially means there is demand (buyers) for the stock but very less supply (sellers), that is why your order isn’t getting executed, and as mentioned above all pending orders are automatically cancelled at the end of the day.

@ShubhS9 there any other way to get orders successfully executed or i have to place every day and wait…??

In such cases there is no workaround, you will have to place the order and wait for it to get executed.

BTW, If you are trading in this stock just based on increase in price then you should be aware that this can well be operated by manipulators, if you buy and price starts falling it might start hitting Lower Circuit and in that scenario there will be sellers but very less buyers, as a result exiting your position will not be easy and can cause big losses. You can read this post to know more:

Biofil chemicals, going by the volume data, seems like an operator driven stock. These stocks usually keep hitting upper circuits continously and then consecutive LCs. Try to be extremely careful when entering into such positions. Moreover since it is hitting UC, there are very less sellers and hence your orders do not executed. The absence of price change is due to the fact that since the stock hits UC very early on(big red alert! shows operator manipulation), there are no further price changes.