my trading is good but

my trading is good my make profit but one day suddenly i blow up my fool account what is the problem can any one help me or guide me what to do ?

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Check why have you blown up, whats the reason? is it greed. fear or anything else ? Then work on it , and go slow , only then you can survive the long run .

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There was a study by ISB way back in 2012 which said this about retail failure in the stock market.

One word answer: Poor risk management.

We should set limits for the amount we use per trade, per week if we are in losses.

If not, we are always 1-2 days to blow our hard-earned money

Like they say - It’s not hard to make money. The hard part is keeping the money.

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I’m sorry to hear that you experienced a significant loss in your trading account. Analyze what went wrong and learn from your mistakes to avoid repeating them in the future.

Review your strategy and determine what worked well and what didn’t. Make changes as necessary to address the issues that led to your loss. and also determine your risk tolerance and set stop-loss orders for each trade to minimize losses.

You are taking more risk than your capital or you’re holding losing trade.

As you are saying, you are making good profits, so what you have to do is to follow a firm discipline and risk management. When your sl hits, exit the trade.

Don’t let your sl engulf your whole profits.

What happens is, if u r beginner & intraday trader, when you lose one trade, your psychology and analytical skills towards chart becomes bad. you will see all the bad opportunities but you can’t see even a single good trade opportunity even if it is very clear in chart.
You will start overtrading leading to big losses.

So either close terminal if you have 2 or more loosing trades or trade with 1000% confidence if you have made loss first 1-2 trade.

Trend is your friend: you will earn good money only when you are on side of trend. Trading is all about being on side of trend. So focus on trend.

If you are option buyer, then as soon as you find that momentum is breaking, exit the trade. Because you will not get that premium with loosing time.

Foucs on R:R not on Win Rate.

Don’t fix your Target trail it as much as you can : Idea Here is to get 1 or 2 big profit Trade , this will boost your Equity curve.
Big Trades are important to cover your small losses.

Fix you Stop loss and stick to it. (Put it on base of important areas).

Every week, analysis your Trades and see if you followed your rules or not. (MOST IMPORTANT).

Most important rule: Only take good R:R + Trade where the risk is lowest. (Depend on style of trading)