My tryst with Revenge trading

Thanks to movies and the “machismo charm” that it has, Revenge sounds like a cool thing to pursue. Maybe it is, for others in general. I don’t know. But, I got my __ kicked.

When it came to my trading journey, this was a sure shot recipe to lose money in the quickest and most silliest way possible.

It also has to do with stuff like falling in love head over heels with a girl/guy who is way out of your league. :star_struck: That’s not a problem. It’s natural but what’s dumb is dreaming that they will soon be yours. :sleeping:

I guess we do the same with trading. There are various nuances and scenarios while trading when we exhibit this incredibly dumb trait.

That one stock

No matter how much I tried, there were always a few stocks/ index and segments where I only lost money.

And when pursued those with extra interest like averaging down more and more when the trade was not in my favor - it always rightfully backfired.

All the good work done for months used to be spoiled by that one stock, one segment and that one short duration option.

Our trading system. No matter how strong it is, it will always have weaknesses where certain stocks and scenarios are less forgiving than the others. The quicker we realize this the better it is for us

Trading in different instruments

Just because I was good at monthly options, doesn’t mean I will be good at say future or weekly options :slight_smile:

After being left with no money to trade and a bruised ego, I realized that we are not meant to be good in everything we do in trading or anything else for that matter.

Trading when we are down

  • The idea that we have to stop giving up when things get tough works elsewhere but in market - Its better to give up :smiley: #BroTip

Just activate the kill switch and close the damn laptop for some days. Chill and do things that calms your mind and then make a comeback slowly.

There is a brilliant @ZerodhaVarsity article on the topic. “Sometimes market conditions are not conducive to your trading style & there is nothing you can do about it. When the right market conditions aren’t there, you have to stand aside and wait.”

Do you have any revenge trading stories to share with us all?

we are all with you in this one.

aha now thats the story right there.

Yes sir, this is 100% true, no denying.

yeah, we just have to take time to find our niche i guess.
thats the journey in the markets for a trader.

Yeah though all the stories what we have experienced in markets may not be ditto same but they all have similar traits.

Have a great trading week ahead.