Mystery of Banknifty weekly option

I have attached a screenshot of Banknifty 8th June expiry option table at close… Today Banknifty rose by 65 points from yesterday’s value… If we consider 0.8 to 0.85 as multiplying factor for deep in d money call option then for 65 points move it shud have made the call price rise by 65* 0.8 = 52 for 23000 and 23100 calls but that’s not d case. Infact 23000 call has increased by mere Rs. 9 and 23100 by rs. 22… How is this possible… :anguished:

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Also see the prices of even deeper in the money calls, price increase is more than underlying…really weird… 22400 and 22500 calls

Those damn Greeks again!!

Nithin sir or Karthik sir… If u can really enlighten us on this… Wud b highly obliged as I even saw monthly option chain for Banknifty… There also no sync with price rise and in d money calls…
I don’t understand how in both d cases 23100 price rise is more than even deeper 23000 call… :fearful:


Change in points is with respect to LTP. if there is no transaction for last few days, it will show more value as changed.

if you look at 21900 Calls it has fallen. because no transaction for long time.

23100 calls price higher because of Impact Cost. difference between Bid and Ask rate.

when there is no liquidity then these things happen.

1>If u observe the 08Jun Weekly BankNifty 23000Call strike, the spread between BIDnASK is 35pts. High spreads denote less liquidity, so less number of trades. U need to observe the close price to get the real picture.
23000Call -> [email protected] -> [email protected]
23100Call -> [email protected] -> [email protected]
U can clearly observe here that the mismatch got corrected with 23000Call closing Higher than LTP and 23100Call closing Lower than LTP.

Mismatch is a common observation in the LTPs of the strikes where there is higher spread between BIDnASK.

2>Why the Options prices did not move in hand with the Index price today, well strange behaviors in the first week of the new Expiry month can’t be reasoned out rationally as they command price adjustments becos of uneven rollovers into the new month, if any.

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Ok I feel ur rollover point seems to b one of d factor… I think I shall wait for few more days say by 8th and again see if this anamoly exists… Thnx for ur views :smiley:


i do bank nifty weekly call options. where to see the expiry dates ?

Pls see top right where u can find expiry date… :slight_smile:

Please Value and Respect Greeks. We should not ignore these greeks. It happened due to greeks only.