Name changed. What to do?

I recently changed my name. I removed my middle name from Aadhar Card and Pan Card. My name was Harsh Ashok Kumar and now I have changed it to Harsh Kumar. I am slowly changing all the documents.

What do I need to do to make changes in Zerodha and for all the records of the shares. I mean how to change the shareholder name for all the shares that I hold?

Exactly Same was my Case. I got my middle name removed from Aadhar and PAN…Both are Corrected to my correct Name. All my Mutual Fund Folios, All my bank Accounts and Insurance policies has updated this change. But when i applied to Zerodha with all proofs, they rejected. They demand affidavit. I have submitted copy of PAN, Aadhar and Bank Statement. Still they refused

I have my father’s Initial in my middle name. I am going to remove it from aadhar and PAN card.

How can I update this with Zerodha ?


We have explained this here.

Please check on this link for the Name change process in Zerodha

So I can’t update with Aadhar, PAN and Passport.

Notarized Copy of Publication of name change in the official gazette is required ?

In Gujarat we write father’s name or Initial in middle name. When I was applying for passport I came to know that people don’t write father’s name in middle name in rest of India.

For Example. Mukesh Ambani has D in middle name. Mukesh D Ambani.

Maybe this can help you.

This will work. Thank You.

@ShubhS9 Should one have there name changed on PAN/AADHAR and then have it changed in Zerodha account?

Also, for the Mutual Funds in Coin, will those get updated too when new name is updated in Zerodha account?


Yes. As the mutual funds are held in demat account, same name will be applicable for mutual fund holdings. You can check out the process here.

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