Name missing in Property Index2 after the reconstruction

After the reconstruction of my old society, my father’s name and my name is present in property tax but in Index 2 only my father’s name is displayed due to some mistake by the society. We want my name to be added in Index 2 also. Can it be done online? How do I fix it?

is this a redevelopment case? city?


Yes, Revelopment case. City = Pune

I am guessing the flat is in both names… (& it was so even before redev)…

Have you checked with the registration office? Have you checked with the society?

In most cases, there is a rectification process… you need to file a simple application with the registration office (where the document was registered) specifying the mistake made while entering data in the Index 2. You will need to support this rectification deed with a written affidavit. Pls check with the registration office.