Naming convention of currency futures

I was trying to download historic price data for USDINR currency pair from NSE website NSE historic price for CDS

I expected one contract each for month. Under the year 2020, I see 15 contacts. My understanding was that name of the contract would be ‘expiry date-month-year’. For example, for the current month (April) it would be USDINR 28042020

But, in the below image, I can see multiple contracts for the month of January (if I stick to the naming convention as mentioned above)

Can anyone explain how do I interpret these timeframes of the contract?


They are weekly contracts like they exist for nifty and BNF

But only for month of January?

Then, wouldn’t there be weekly contract for other months too? February, March and April? It seems to be there only for the month of January. Why is that so?

I think they take time in updating the data, upto 3 months

I don’t see any weekly future contracts on Kite for USDINR. I only see one for each month.

Also, on NSE historical data site, these “weekly contracts” have no data in them. Only one contract in each month ( the one with expiry date for last week of the month) seems to have data in it.

Does anyone one this forum have any information this? It would be great if anyone can help me understand these observations.

Weekly contracts are only for options not futures. The underlying instrument for currency options is the currency itself. Not futures

hmmm. I am confused. In the link to historical data, the instrument I am looking at it is FUTCUR, and not OPTCUR. And the underlying it shows in USDINR.

Doesn’t that mean that NSE is showing futures contracts data and not option contracts?

But there’s also a column for strike price, which exists only for options.

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ok. Got it. So these are generic drop down menu? Only last expiry date in each month applies to currency futures contract.