NAV difference in Zerodha and Moneycontrol


Could you let me know why there is NAV difference in Zerodha and Moneycontrol for the same date.
Please refer the below images.

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Jogesh nanda

Fund you are looking in moneycontrol is regular fund and on coin it is direct fund.


Yes later i found…btw thanks for your reply…:+1:

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Its better if you’ve NAV date column in coin so that it will reflect on what date NAV and value is calculated.

Why is the difference in NAV in Zerodha and money control is too high. Even if you say direct plan have higher expense ratio than also it does not explain price difference of more than 2 %.

You shouldn’t look at NAV from the lens of a stock. Higher NAV ≠ not meant it’s costly and Lower NAV ≠ cheap and more units ≠ more returns.

Now, the reason why the NAV of a direct fund is higher is because there are no commissions paid out. Now if you actually look at the returns you’ll see that directs funds always give higher returns because they don’t pay commissions. Here’s the visualization of Regular, Direct and the % difference between the NAVs.

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